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Powered by You

Assault Fitness creates cardio equipment that is powered by you. With no electricity required, these pieces can be easily placed, and moved, within any gym.  Perfect for athletic training, high-intensity training, and rehabilitation training, Assault Fitness products appeal to users of all fitness levels.

Assault Fitness in Your Gym

Assault Fitness stands out boldy in the fitness space with equipment that is tough, durable, and goes beyond a typical workout. Assault Fitness products are engineered to challenge users to push themselves to their limits, build strength, and break barriers. While these pieces can challenge the elite athlete, they are versatile enough to motivate, challenge and train all fitness levels. Direct Fitness Solutions distributes Assault Fitness products to virtually all fitness market segments including schools, athletic training facilities, multi-family, medical/rehabilitation facilities and home gyms. Assault Fitness products are also an ideal choice for easily moving cardio training from room to room or inside to outside.

Direct Fitness Solutions & Assault Fitness

Direct Fitness Solutions proudly distributes Assault Fitness products; the cardio equipment that is “powered by you”. With no power needed, these cardio pieces are appealing as they can be placed virtually anywhere in your fitness facility and move easily from location to location, indoors to outdoors. Choose from Bikes, Air Runners, and Rowers, each offering various product levels.  Direct Fitness Solutions provides each of these product levels including the Assault Bike Classic, Assault Bike Pro, Assault Bike Elite, Assault Runner Pro, Assault Runner Elite, and Assault Rower Elite.

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Man Using Assault Fitness Air Bike Classic

Assault Fitness Product Videos

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