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Your Complete Training Solution

Whether you are looking to diversify your facility with TRX accessories or build out an extensive Functional Training Zone, TRX has customizable solutions for every space and everyone.

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TRX Custom Solutions

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TRX recognizes that each gym has unique spaces, different fitness goals and varying budgets. TRX Studio Line Bays and fitness accessories, combined with Direct Fitness Solutions custom design services, offer endless functional training, strength training and storage solutions for customers.  Whether you are looking to outfit a large space or a small space, Direct Fitness Solutions and TRX can create your perfect custom training solution.

TRX Studio Line Training & Storage Bays

Direct Fitness Solutions & TRX


Direct Fitness Solutions is a trusted provider and installer of TRX products. The TRX Studio Line provides functional and strength training bays for athletic and fitness facilities. These customizable bays can be configured in various quantities and layouts, to maximize space and storage potential in any gym.  Special add-ons like bridges, TRX Plyo Boxes, dip stations, heavy bag anchors, strength bays, and more create endless training capabilities for users. Outfit Studio Line Bays with TRX accessories like TRX med balls, ropes, resistance bands, and TRX Commercial Suspension trainers for a complete training and storage solution. Contact Direct Fitness Solutions to learn more about TRX products and our in-house design, installation, and maintenance services.

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TRX Product Catalog

Learn more about TRX products, available at Direct Fitness Solutions.

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