Used Commercial Fitness Equipment

The Direct Fitness Solutions rebuilding process, performed by certified, factory trained, Direct Fitness Solutions technicians, assures reliability, quality and customer confidence.
certified pre-owned fitness equipment disassembly and examination


Disassembly & Examination

When the machine arrives at Direct Fitness Solutions, it is completely disassembled. A meticulous examination and, if needed, repair/replacement of parts, including, motor, belts, electrical and wiring is completed.

certified pre-owned fitness equipment cleaning & detailing


Cleaning & Detailing

The machine is fully stripped, oiled and cleaned of dirt and grime. All parts are thoroughly detailed before being reassembled.

commercial treadmill reassembly and testing


Reassembly & Testing

After reassembly, all functions of the machine are put through a rigorous testing process. Once the machine has passed all steps of the Direct Fitness Solutions rebuilding process, it is then ready for its next owner.

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