The Multifamily Fitness Facility Evolution

Since 1998, Direct Fitness Solutions has partnered with property managers and real estate developers throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky to better equip and design multi-family fitness facilities. Over the years, the multifamily fitness center has evolved from a building amenity to a top priority sales and rental amenity, for both the property manager and the tenant.

As a key tenant attraction and retention amenity, multifamily gyms now have the expectation to compete with big box clubs, group fitness studios and athletic training facilities. Direction Fitness Solutions understands this expectation. Our gym design team has proven success with outfitting multifamily fitness spaces with premium fitness equipment and flooring options. Direct Fitness Solutions is accustom to accommodating varying budgets, appealing to different tenant demographics and creating a key sales tool for property managers.

Fitness Center Design Solutions for Multifamily Buildings

Just as property managers and building associations seek to go above and beyond to provide a complete living and lifestyle experience for tenants, Direct Fitness Solutions is committed to providing a complete fitness strategy for their multifamily customers. This strategy includes researching industry trends, providing premium fitness equipment options, and offering customized design solutions. Our multifamily fitness industry design experts can transform workout spaces of varying sizes. We provide the fitness technology, designated training areas and fitness equipment that tenants both want and expect from their condo or apartment gym facility.

Multifamily Fitness Center Technology

Access to the latest media applications, capabilities to track workout statistics, easy-to-use touchscreen consoles, bright and visual graphics; these are desired features for today's fitness center equipment technology. Equipment technology you would find in a fitness club? Yes. Equipment technology you would find in a multifamily fitness facility? Yes.

As more tenants seek the convenience of working out where they live, they have the expectation of of a multifamily fitness facility comparing to a commercial fitness club. This includes having the latest technology available to them on their fitness equipment.

Direct Fitness Solutions has fitness equipment technology options to fit varying multi-family gym facility sizes, types and budgets.  We provide mix and match solutions that allow customers to pick from different console types and sizes. We also offer the latest virtual fitness equipment options and state of the art programming for tracking workouts and group fitness classes.

Designated Training Areas

Multifamily fitness facilities need to appeal to diverse fitness levels and demographics. Tenants want a multifamily fitness facility that will allow them to complete the workout that works best for them. This may include cardiovascular training, strength training and/or functional training. Direct Fitness Solutions works with our multifamily customers to create a fitness space that offers a variety of workout options. These spaces are defined and designated through equipment layout, different flooring options, overall room aesthetics and more.

Contact Us Today

Direct Fitness Solutions is proud of the reputation we have earned in the multifamily fitness facility marketplace for researching our customer's facility needs and providing customized fitness solutions for each unique building. We are ready to help you offer an engaging fitness experience for your multifamily tenants. Contact us today to learn more about our custom designs, premium fitness equipment, and proven success with multifamily fitness facilities.

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