Your Total Fitness Service Provider

Whether you need a commercial or in-home fitness solution, Direct Fitness Solutions has you covered with gym design services, exercise equipment installation, and fitness equipment repair. Our fitness experts have decades of experience to help you design, build, and repair the gym of your dreams.

  • Gym Equipment Installation

    Whether you’ve designed the fitness center of your dreams or just purchased a replacement for an older piece of gym equipment, Direct Fitness Solutions has installation covered.

    Work with the professional gym equipment installation team at Direct Fitness Solutions to ensure your machines are installed correctly. Our team can make sense of complex instructions, and are familiar with machines of all kinds.

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  • Fitness Facility Design Services

    At Direct Fitness Solutions, one of our favorite things to do for customers is to bring a fitness facility vision to life through our one of a kind 3D design process. Our team works with you to develop your commercial gym or fitness center’s unique brand and identity that’s woven throughout the entire facility's layout. We partner with each customer to ensure your fitness center design features all of your desired fitness equipment, fitness flooring needs, branded colors and logos, gym aesthetics, and budget goals. Once complete, the Direct Fitness Solutions design team works to make your gym dreams a reality.

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  • Fitness Equipment Repair

    Keeping your exercise equipment in top working condition is essential for every commercial gym, athletic facility, or hotel fitness center. No one wants to visit a gym where most of their machines creak and crack or have out-of-order signs on them.

    That’s why working with a trusted fitness equipment repair company is crucial to ensure your machines stay in working condition and look brand new.

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  • Home Gym Equipment & Design

    Getting the home gym of your dreams is not just a fantasy when you work with Direct Fitness Solutions. We have the resources and tools to build you your dream home gym from start to finish. Whether you need home gym equipment and design, installation help, or equipment repair, our expert team has you covered.

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